Technological process

We will uncover the shortcomings of your current cleaning technology and suggest suitable formulations, their concentration and recommended temperatures to maximize cleaning performance.

Problem analysis

Problem analysis, on-site visit, and projection of optimal solutions for cleaning purposes

In order to correctly project the cleaning technology, a detailed analysis has to be conducted. Our experts conduct the analysis on-site. Firstly, they evaluate the current technological cleaning process and potential quality defects. Afterwards, test cleaning of selected parts is carried out in our laboratory. Based on the result, we can determine the suitable technological procedure.

Test cleaning

Test cleaning, introduction of cleaning effects and technological procedures based on customer’s parts

Test cleaning is carried out in our laboratory where the customer can verify the cleaning efficiency on his parts delivered prior to the test. The outcome of the test is a protocol stating the technological procedure. Based on the protocol, we can guarantee the required cleaning quality. The next step after the laboratory test is the specification of technological cleaning parameters.

Technical parameters

Technical parameters, adjusting the optimal technological cleaning parameters

Upon the successful test completion, our laboratory technicians set up the overall technological cleaning requirements such as selection of the appropriate cleaning agent, concentrations, temperatures, and required cleaning times. These steps are mandatory to reach the desired cleaning quality in the production.

Selection of the cleaning agent

Selection of the cleaning agent, portfolio of eco-friendly, water-based cleaning agents

The prerequisite for the proper cleaning is the selection of suitable agent. One of the benefits of ultrasonic technology is the effective cooperation with the biodegradable cleaning agents, resulting in establishing of entirely eco-friendly process. In case you do not have the appropriate cleaning agent according to your technology available, we can deliver all agents and provide the service.

Design and production of the device

You can select the device from standard products or request individual design according to your needs.

After the determination of the suitable technological procedure follows the technical design of the cleaning device. You can choose from the range of standard products, if possible due to the specified cleaning technology. If not, our team of designers comes up with the corresponding device and, upon your approval, the device can be produced. All devices comply with the highest standards.

Degreasing quality measurement

Degreasing quality measurement, cleaning process quality measurement on the products by special analyzer.

We can evaluate the efficiency percentage of your technology by means of the special analyzer for degreasing quality control. Degreasing quality measurement is free of charge and is conducted during the test cleaning.

Ultrasonic efficiency test

Ultrasonic power significantly affects the cleaning quality. Therefore, our cavitation efficiency tests are conducted in the liquid.

Cavitation efficiency must be fully maintained to ensure the required cleaning and degreasing quality. Ultrasonic power and cavitation efficiency are measured by a special device. The cavitation quality test is carried out in the liquid. Ultrasonic efficiency measurements are included in the routine maintenance and service inspections.

Preventive maintenance and service

By carrying out routine maintenance and service in the forms of regular service inspections of the device, you can avoid the unexpected malfunctions or downtimes.

Our services include regular service inspections and measurements within the 2-year warranty period which are necessary to maintain the proper operation. We also provide the service and upgrade of older devices.

Technical support

Technical support Consultancy, optimization, and technical support during the entire life time of the device.

The cleaning quality depends on more factors, including the quality and service of the cleaning devices. Regular inspections have to be performed to avoid potential malfunctions and undesired production downtimes. The warranty and post-warranty service as well as the technical condition assessment of the device, cleaning quality, and ultrasonic performance applies during the entire life time of the device. Our services include also technical support and optimization of the cleaning process.

What shall I do?

If you need our assistance to choose the most suitable ultrasonic cleaner, we’re here for you!