Cleaning liquids for ultrasonic tanks

In order to achieve the desired ultrasonic effect, oscillation requires additional high-quality agents for ultrasonic cleaners. Our agents are water-based and contain minimum of volatile matter. The composition was specially designed to maximize the effects of each ultrasonic cleaner. The effects are considerable even at the concentration of 2%. Our portfolio includes solvents for various types of materials and industrial branches. Just pick one!

NP Cleaner STAR400:

  • removes grease, oils, and residues of the production process,
  • antibacterial effects make the agent the best choice for food industry as well as the maintenance,
  • can be used for cleaning of steel including stainless steel. 

NP Cleaner UNO:

  • removes resin oils, grease, various dyes, and other contaminants,
  • characterized by its strong effects and material protection,
  • suitable for cleaning of steel (incl. stainless steel) but also applicable to other materials.

NP Cleaner POWER200:

  • removes cement and lime residues, blackened brass, copper, and corrosion,
  • suitable also to remove oil residues and mildew,
  • best choice for cleaning of brass, steel, aluminum and stainless steel.

NP Cleaner POWER250

  • removes cement and limestone residues, urine, moss, algae, and corrosion,
  • suitable for cleaning of blackened brass, copper, and oil, water, and mildew stains,
  • applicable also to cold-cleaning,
  • the best choice for steel, aluminum and plastics.

NP Cleaner ALU100

  • delicate and gentle cleaning and degreasing of non-ferrous metals stained during the production,
  • removes cutting emulsion from the aluminum materials, aluminum castings, and galvanized metals.

NP Cleaner ALU300:

  • cleaning and degreasing of components for the repair shops and maintenance,
  • best VOC substitute for cleaning of non-ferrous metals, steel (incl. stainless ),
  • effective even at the concentration of 0.5%.

NP Cleaner STAR300:

  • suitable for pre-treatment, on-going cleaning, and degreasing of aluminum parts,
  • can be used as solvent substitute,
  • perfect cleaning effects achieved even at the concentration of 0.5% and at the cleaning temperature of 60°C.