Degreasing quality measurement

Does your ultrasonic cleaner lack the required cleaning quality? We will measure the effects easily and objectively. Cleaning agent pollution is induced by a contaminant, measured by electronic analyzer and evaluated using special software. We will further set your ultrasonic cleaner according to the measured values and recommend the appropriate degreasing technology. Measurements apply to steel and aluminum, yet, it is possible to partially measure the degreasing quality of brass and some plastics.

Why decide for the service?

  • You will obtain information on current degreasing quality.
  • You will have the option to measure the accumulated oil layer during conservation.
  • You will obtain information on efficiency of degreasing agents.
  • You can set the most appropriate cleaning time and temperature.
  • You will acquire data for selection of the suitable degreasing technology.

Advantages of measurements by analyzer:

  • detection within 5 seconds,
  • real-time measurement by moving on the material,
  • objective measurement method,
  • more precise results compared to the surface tension test using ink and marker pens,
  • digital visual outcome.