Cooperative cleaning

The cooperative cleaning is the best option for the companies with limited space for their own ultrasonic unit or for the companies which do not intend to use the device on regular basis, but rather occasionally. With our large-scale cleaning line, you can enjoy the benefits of ultrasonic cleaning and do not have to own the device. All you have to do is deliver the greased parts and our automated cleaning line does the rest, i.e. cleaning, filtration of released contaminants, rinsing, passivation, and proper drying in the heat dryer.

Specification of cooperative ultrasonic cleaning line:

  • Capacity: 600-1200 kg/hour (depending on the particular components)
  • Carriers and baskets dimensions: 600 x 300 x 700mm (L/W/H)
  • Technology for aluminum: ultrasonic cleaning, demi rinsing, drying
  • Technology for steel: ultrasonic cleaning, demi rinsing with passivation, drying