• Technological process
  • Cooperative cleaning
  • Ultrasonic cleaner rental
  • Service and maintenance
  • Degreasing quality measurement
  • Cleaning agents for ultrasonic tanks

Technological process

We will uncover the shortcomings of your current cleaning technology and suggest suitable formulations, their concentration and recommended temperatures to maximize cleaning performance.

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Cooperative cleaning

The cooperative cleaning is the best option for the companies with limited space for their own ultrasonic unit or for the companies which do not intend to use the device on regular basis, but rather occasionally.

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Ultrasonic cleaner rental

Are you going to use the ultrasonic cleaning more frequently, yet you don’t want to buy your own cleaner? Ultrasonic cleaner rental is the best alternative!

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Service and maintenance

In order to maintain the maximum cleaning effect of the cleaners, tanks, and industrial lines, our services include also regular service inspections.

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Degreasing quality measurement

Does your ultrasonic cleaner lack the required cleaning quality? We will measure the effects easily and objectively.

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Cleaning agents for ultrasonic tanks

In order to achieve the desired ultrasonic effect, oscillation requires additional high-quality agents for ultrasonic cleaners.

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