You do not have to use aggressive acid and solvents or clean the components manually anymore. The original design of heavily-polluted parts can be restored with little effort. Just put them into the ultrasonic tank, pour the suitable solution, press a single button, and multiple parts can be cleaned at once.

Delicate and efficient cleaning of parts

Ultrasonic cleaning is the most efficient method to achieve cleanness of the highest quality in the shortest time possible. In terms of maintenance, cleaners remove oil, grease, burnings, carbon, scale and other mechanical contaminants. And you don’t have to use any solvents - our cleaning agents for ultrasonics are environmentally friendly and water based. They protect our environment, the components themselves, and your health as well.

Benefits for maintenance

In-depth cleaning technology

Degreasing of parts complicated in shape

Ultrasonic cleaners can remove grease and contaminants from the inside of the components, from the recesses, and hard-to-reach areas.

Cleaning of small apertures

The ultrasonic waves convey the solution to the microscopic apertures which is for other technologies out of option.

No mechanical damage

The ultrasound does not do any harm to the objects; it removes only the contaminants and grease on the surface.


An example of ultrasonic cleaning

Which cleaner is the best option for you?

Recommended cleaners and tanks for maintenance

PSi tabletop laboratory cleaner

The cleaner has reinforced tank walls which increase cleaner’s life span and workload. As a result, it can clean even the most polluted parts. The cleaner is space-saving and fits perfectly on your desk. The magnificent cleaning technology always within reach of your hand.

NPS PRO industrial tanks

Parameters for thorough cleaning and degreasing of components can be easily selected on the touchscreen. The tank is equipped with a lid for vapor collection. In-built basket oscillation enhances cleaning effects. The NPS tank, furthermore, removes scale and other mechanical contaminants.

What shall I do?

If you need our assistance to choose the most suitable
ultrasonic cleaner, we’re here for you!