Ultrasonic cleaners are suitable for cleaning of almost every medical and dental instrument. The ultrasound makes the cleaning quicker and more thorough. Besides, you can clean them all at once. No aggressive chemicals are needed for the process, therefore, ultrasonics in medicine prolong the life of expensive instruments and devices.

Cleaning recommended by the manufacturers

The surgical and dental instruments manufacturers themselves consider the ultrasonic cleaning technology the most efficient cleaning method. Not only due to the speed and thoroughness of the process but also for the disinfectant effects of the ultrasound.

Benefits for the medicine

Safe and in-depth ultrasonic cleaning

Killing the bacteria

The cleaning agent for medical instruments works as a disinfectant and kills also microscopic bacteria.

Detailed cleaning

The cavitation helps the solution to permeate into thin apertures and clean hard-to-reach areas.

Eco-friendly cleaning process

Solutions used in the tank of the ultrasonic cleaner are water-based, so they do not damage the environment.


An example of ultrasonic cleaning

Which cleaner is the best option for you?

Recommended cleaners for the maintenance of medical instruments

PS tabletop laboratory cleaner

The cleaner is space-saving which makes it perfect to place in the office, always within the reach of your hand. If you choose the right cleaning agent, it can also clean the contaminants on microscopic level. The disinfectants flow to the hard-to-reach areas, therefore, the ultrasonic cleaner kills also the hidden dangerous bacteria.

PSi tabletop laboratory cleaner

The cleaner has reinforced tank walls which increase its life span and workload. Therefore, it can restore the original and flawless condition of your products and heavily-polluted molds. It is small in size and fits perfectly on your desk.

What shall I do?

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