Food industry

If you have been cleaning your tools and components of the devices manually so far, you are going to love the ultrasonic technology. It's a highly-efficient method to remove contaminants, making your tools cleaned and prepared for further uses within 15 minutes. For our ultrasonic cleaners, grease and deep deposits are a piece of cake. Even the places you cannot clean manually are within reach of cavitation.

What items can you clean in ultrasonic?

  • components of devices for food processing and agitation, 
  • knifes, stainless kitchen aprons, and gloves,
  • tins and conveyors,
  • food distribution devices, dispensers, bottles, and glasses,
  • ovens and baking sheets,
  • filters and plumbing.
Benefits for food engineering

Gentle and in-depth cleaning technology

Eco-friendly cleaning process

The devices use water-based agents for the cleaning, no hazardous substances or acids.

Killing the bacteria

Cleaning agents work as disinfectants and, apart from the contaminants, they can also deal with the bacteria.

Going into detail

The cavitation helps the solution to permeate into thin apertures and clean hard-to-reach areas.


An example of ultrasonic cleaning

Which cleaner is the best option for you?

Recommended cleaners for food industry

PS tabletop laboratory cleaner

The cleaner is space-saving and thus fits perfectly on your desk. The magnificent cleaning technology always within reach of your hand. We have more sizes available: ranging from smaller cleaners for knifes, bottles, and glasses to larger ones to degrease baking sheets and larger tins.

NPS industrial tank

All required parameters for thorough cleaning can be easily selected on the touchscreen. The lid collects condensed vapor and in-built basket oscillation enhances cleaning effects. Choose the right tank in which you can perfectly fit your greasy car parts and dirty tools.

What shall I do?

If you need our assistance to choose the most suitable
ultrasonic cleaner, we’re here for you!