Optics and jewelry

Ultrasonic technology offers a set of the most suitable features for optics cleaning. The devices properly and efficiently clean even such places where all other technologies are helpless. The ultrasonic waves of high frequency convey the cleaning agent between the hinges, supports, and the inside of the glasses. Furthermore, it cleans all details on the outer side.

Perfectly clean jewelry within 3 minutes

The ultrasonics clean common and hardly-visible contaminants from the jewelry and thus restore the original quality and shine. Ultrasonic waves, combined with the appropriate solution, create bubbles which disrupt and remove the stains even from the hard-to-reach areas. 2 or 3 minutes of ultrasonic treatment gives your jewelry a brand new look.


In-depth cleaning technology for optics and jewelry

More efficient than manual cleaning

Cavitation and the right agent remove contaminants from places you cannot reach manually.

No mechanical damage

The cleaner leaves the glasses and noble metals mechanically untouched, as do the used detergents in the cleaners.

Cleaning on microscopic level

Thanks to the ultrasonic waves, the agent flows to the hard-to-reach areas and cleans also the recesses and small cracks.


An example of ultrasonic cleaning

Which cleaner is the best option for you?

Recommended cleaners and tanks for optics and jewelry

PS tabletop laboratory cleaner

The cleaner is space-saving which makes it perfect to place on the desk, always within reach of your hand. Laboratory cleaner is available in more sizes: ranging from smaller ones for precision cleaning of small jewelry to larger cleaners for thorough cleaning of glasses.

Automated line

Fully-automated technology comprises cleaning, rinsing, and passivation of finished products. When the cleaning is complete, the items are dried in heat drier, i.e. you can use them immediately. We can customize your automated line according to your needs.

What shall I do?

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