Surface finishing

The thorough ultrasonic cleaning, which purifies even the thinnest apertures, ensures the flawless condition of your spray guns and heads after each use, as the guns’ condition strongly depends on regular maintenance. Every time you use them, dye settles and dries subsequently. If you do not clean your guns immediately, the quality and its proper functioning will decrease.

Thorough and efficient nozzle cleaning

Cavitation effects, induced by ultrasonic device, have proven to be efficient method to remove the coating and clean the nozzles. If you use the right cleaning agent, the ultrasonics remove dye residues even from such places you could not clean mechanically.

Benefits for paint shop

Gentle and in-depth cleaning technology

More efficient than manual cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaners remove dye residues even from such places you could not clean mechanically.

Eco-friendly process

The devices use water-based solutions for the cleaning, no acids or aggressive chemicals.

No labor needed

Just put the gun into the cleaner. The cavitation and solution do the rest.


An example of ultrasonic cleaning

Which cleaner is the best option for you?

Recommended cleaner for paint shops

Tabletop industrial cleaner

The cleaner has reinforced tank walls which increase its life span and workload. Therefore, you can restore the grimy guns’ original condition. It is small in size and fits perfectly on your desk.

NPS industrial tank

All required parameters for thorough cleaning of molds can be easily selected on the touchscreen. The lid collects condensed vapor and in-built basket oscillation enhances cleaning effects. Choose one of our industrial tanks which perfectly fits for the contaminated molds and finished castings.

What shall I do?

If you need our assistance to choose the most suitable
ultrasonic cleaner, we’re here for you!