Rubber industry

Ultrasonic cleaning of molds in rubber industry requires no grinding and causes no mechanical damage. Therefore, ultrasonics don’t affect the quality and life of the molds. On the contrary, ultrasonic technology has a pile of benefits for the rubber industry. The industrial cleaner can clean the contaminated molds swifter and in a more gentle way. Apart from that, it will also save you the operation costs.

Ultrasonics are designed to clean molds used for the manufacture of the following:

  • plugs and seals for various industries,
  • rubber moldings from vulcanizing presses,
  • seals used in automotive,
  • products further used for white goods,
  • sports equipment (e.g. discus, puck, bicycle pump),
  • technical rubber moldings.
Benefits for rubber industry

Delicate and automated cleaning

Efficient technology

Cleaning process doesn’t require any manual operation. Your workers can do different tasks in the meantime.

No mechanical damage

Ultrasonic cleaners do not wear the molds. On the contrary, cleaning process prolongs their life span and maintains the quality.

In-depth cleaning with no deposits

Ultrasonics can also reach the inaccessible and blind spots of complex molds. No other cleaning technology can deliver such results.


An example of ultrasonic cleaning

Which cleaner is the best option for you?

Recommended tanks for rubber industry

NPS industrial tanks

All required parameters for thorough cleaning of contaminated molds can be easily selected on the touchscreen. The lid collects condensed vapor and, as a result, the NPS industrial tank stays perfectly clean after each use. Choose your cleaner of the most suitable size to efficiently clean the molds and finished rubber products.

Large-scale tanks

Is it possible to make the most efficient cleaning even more efficient? Yes, it is. You can fit bulky objects or multiple smaller objects into our large-scale tank simultaneously and save the time and costs. We also supply cleaners of the volume tailored to your needs.

What shall I do?

If you need our assistance to choose the most suitable
ultrasonic cleaner, we’re here for you!