Industrial tank

Its operation can be described just as its design - simple. The temperature, time, and power can be easily set on the touchscreen.


Make short work of complicated cleaning process

More efficient than manual cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning is more efficient, delicate, and thorough. With our cleaner, even the hard-to-reach recesses do not stay polluted.

Eco-friendly cleaning process

Agents used in the ultrasonic tank are water-based; they do not damage the environment.

No mechanical damage

Ultrasonic cleaning doesn’t harm the objects, the only harm it does is to the contamination and grease on the surface.

User-friendly operation

The tank is easy to operate from day one. All features can be triggered via the touchscreen.


Príklad čistenia ultrazvukom


Simplicity first

Digital screen control

No more studying of tangled manuals! Cleaning time, ultrasonic power, preheating temperature, and additional filter can be selected via the digital screen on the tank.

Condensed vapor collection

The lid serves as the condensed vapor collector which keeps the device perfectly clean after each use. Simple maintenance of the ultrasonic tank thus made even simpler.

In-built basket oscillation

Basket oscillation enhances cleaning effects. The oscillation ensures the contamination removal from heavily-polluted areas complicated in shape and from tiny apertures where other technology doesn’t stand a chance.


Some extras to bring your cleaner to perfection


Filters collect mechanical contaminants and prolong the cleaner’s life span, making the ultrasonic cleaning more efficient and careful.

Oil separator

The separator is used for oil collection from heavily-greased parts. Thanks to the separator, ultrasonic cleaners are more efficient and cleaning agent lasts longer.

Rinsing tank

This accessory device delivers extra cleaning effect and short-lasting passivation of the parts. It is installed in the manual unit with ultrasonic tank.


In-depth and quick drying upon the cleaning. It is installed in the manual unit with rinsing tank.

Technical parameters

Choose the model that suits you best

NPS 80 pro NPS 120 pro NPS 160 pro NPS 200 pro NPS 240 pro
External size mm 650x770x850 650x770x850 750x887x970 1010x840x970 1172x840x970
Internal size mm 440x545x467 440x545x467 640x545x625 760x565x625 920x565x625
Tray size mm 370x445x250 580x445x250 590x440x350 710x450x350 870x450x350
Capacity L 80 120 160 200 240
Ultrasound performance W 800 1000 1600 2000 2400
Heat output W 3000 3000 4500 6000 7200
    NPS 80 pro
  • External size (mm): 650x770x850
  • Internal size (mm): 440x545x467
  • Tray size (mm): 370x445x250
  • Capacity (L): 80
  • Ultrasound performance (W): 800
  • Heat output (W): 3000
    NPS 120 pro
  • External size (mm): 650x770x850
  • Internal size (mm): 440x545x467
  • Tray size (mm): 580x445x250
  • Capacity (L): 120
  • Ultrasound performance (W): 1000
  • Heat output (W): 3000
    NPS 160 pro
  • External size (mm): 750x887x970
  • Internal size (mm): 640x545x625
  • Tray size (mm): 590x440x350
  • Capacity (L): 160
  • Ultrasound performance (W): 1600
  • Heat output (W): 4500
    NPS 200 pro
  • External size (mm): 1010x840x970
  • Internal size (mm): 760x565x625
  • Tray size (mm): 710x450x350
  • Capacity (L): 200
  • Ultrasound performance (W): 2000
  • Heat output (W): 6000
    NPS 240 pro
  • External size (mm): 1172x840x970
  • Internal size (mm): 920x565x625
  • Tray size (mm): 870x450x350
  • Capacity (L): 240
  • Ultrasound performance (W): 2400
  • Heat output (W): 7200

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