Ultrasonic generator NP2000

NP2000 Generator is designed for industrial cleaning with maximum effective power of 1,000 W.


Ulrasonic generator

For its compact design, the generator ensures high level of efficiency and flexibility. Default values of output power and frequency are stabilized by automatic control system. To ensure high quality of cleaning, this generator uses DEGAS, SWEEP and PULSE MODE functions. Together with other features, these functions ensure quality maxi- mization of technological effects of ultrasonic cleaning.

Compact size

thanks to that you can place the generator everywhere you want

Simple control

that really everyone can handle

Power regulation

from the selected value up to 100%

Ultrasonic generator NP2000


Homogeneous ultrasonic field


Pulse mode of cleaning


Fluid degassing

Technical parameters

Size mm 180 x 320 x 100
Working frequency kHz 37
Frequency range kHz 20 - 64
Peak power W 2000
Effective power W 1000
Input W 1200
Power supply V / Hz 230 / 50
Memory All the last settings
  • Size (mm): 180 x 320 x 100
  • Working frequency (kHz): 37
  • Frequency range (kHz): 20 - 64
  • Peak power (W): 2000
  • Effective power (W): 1000
  • Input (W): 1200
  • Power supply (V / Hz): 230 / 50
  • Memory ( ): All the last settings
What shall I do?

If you need our assistance to choose the most suitable ultrasonic generator, we’re here for you.