Large-scale industrial tank

This industrial tank is designed for multi-cleaning, yet, it also perfectly cleans items large in size. NOTUS produces customized large-scale cleaners in manifold volumes.

Large-scale cleaner's benefits

With us, you can achieve great things. And clean them alongside.


Large-scale tank is suitable for cleaning of multiple objects simultaneously and save time and costs.

Cleaning of parts complicated in shape

The solution cleans recesses and hard-to-reach areas, no other cleaning technology can’t cope with.

No mechanical damage

Ultrasonic cleaning doesn’t do any damage to the objects; instead, it kills only the grease and contaminants on the surface.

Reduced manual operation

Our tank is equipped with ultrasonic generator with pre-set power and frequency.


Príklad čistenia ultrazvukom


Ultrasonic cleaner prepared for anything

Ergonomic opening

Ergonomic opening of the lid, equipped with automatic condensed vapor extraction, facilitates operation and reduces the risk of injury.

Built-in filter

Ultrasonic tank consists of liquid filter for separation of contaminants from the solution which prolongs its life span and improves cleaning quality.

Stainless design

The inside is made of high-quality stainless, acid-resistant material. Our tank can clean also heavily-contaminated items at the temperature of 90°C.

Technical parameters

Choose the model that suits you best

Basic configuration 450 liters 1200 liters 2100 liters
  • Basic configuration ( ): 450 liters
  • Basic configuration ( ): 1200 liters
  • Basic configuration ( ): 2100 liters

The large-scale tank can be of assistance mostly in following fields

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