Automated cleaning line

Ultrasonic cleaner takes good care of grimy objects even after the cleaning. Fully-automated technology includes rinsing as well as passivation. Afterwards, objects are dried in heat drier, i.e. you can use them immediately.


Provides not only the cleaning but also surface treatment and drying

More efficient than manual cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning is more efficient, delicate, and thorough. This technology enables cleaning of recesses and small apertures.

Cleaning process automation

The cleaning line not only cleans, but also rinses, tins, and dries the items in the heat dryer.

No mechanical damage

The solutions don’t harm the object; they remove only the contaminants and grease on the surface.

Reduced manual operation

Our tank is equipped with ultrasonic generator with pre-set power and frequency.


Príklad čistenia ultrazvukom


Prepared for anything

Multistage technology

Ultrasonic line provides controlled rinsing, heat drying and other technologies to achieve the peak efficiency in industrial cleaning.

Controlled cleaning process

All features are controlled via digital control system. Pre-set parameters make the cleaning settings easier and ensure stable cleaning quality.

High flexibility

The cleaning line can be applied in various branches of industry. If the basic version is not sufficient, you can customize it and make it operational for more demanding cleaning processes.

Technical parameters

Choose the model that suits you best

Tray size Machine cycle
minline 400x300x200 4 - 10 trays per hour
midline 600x400x300 4 - 10 trays per hour
maxline baskets and hangings as required 4 - 10 trays per hour
    Tray size
  • Minline (minline): 400x300x200
  • Midline (midline): 600x400x300
  • Maxline (maxline): baskets and hangings as required
    Machine cycle
  • Minline (minline): 4 - 10 trays per hour
  • Midline (midline): 4 - 10 trays per hour
  • Maxline (maxline): 4 - 10 trays per hour

The cleaning line can be of assistance mostly in following fields

What shall I do?

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