Industrial tank NPM

This industrial tank is designed for multi-cleaning, yet, it also perfectly cleans items large in size.


Make short work of complicated cleaning process

Cleaning of parts complicated in shape

The solution cleans recesses and hard-to-reach areas, no other cleaning technology can’t cope with.

Cleaning of microscopic contaminants

Thanks to the ultrasonic waves, the agent flows to the hard-to-reach areas and cleans even the recesses and small cracks.

No mechanical damage

Ultrasonic cleaning doesn’t do any damage to the objects; instead, it kills only the grease and contaminants on the surface.


Príklad čistenia ultrazvukom


Ultrasonic cleaner prepared for anything

Digital screen control

No more studying of tangled manuals! Cleaning time, ultrasonic power, preheating temperature, and additional filter can be selected via the digital screen on the tank.

Designed for industry

The dimensional ultrasonic bath is an ideal addition to both workshop and production halls for cleaning plastic and rubber products. Robust metal tools and foundry molds also come in handy.

Stainless design

The inside is made of high-quality stainless, acid-resistant material. Our tank can clean also heavily-contaminated items at the temperature of 90°C.


Some extras to bring your cleaner to perfection


Filters collect mechanical contaminants and prolong the cleaner’s life span, making the ultrasonic cleaning more efficient and careful.

Rinsing tank

This accessory device delivers extra cleaning effect and short-lasting passivation of the parts. It is installed in the manual unit with ultrasonic tank.


In order to clean even bigger and heavier tools in the bathtub, the equipment can be equipped with a lifting crane.

Technical parameters

Choose the model that suits you best

NPM120 NPM160 NPM260 NPM400
External size mm 1360x900x1020 1520x900x1020 1650x900x1165 1650x1070x1165
Maximum tool size mm 450x260x330 600x300x430 600x430x575 780x430x575
Tray size mm 410x220x435 560x260x435 560x390x580 730x390x580
Capacity L 120 160 260 400
Ultrasound performance W 2 x 800 2 x 1000 3 x 1000 4 x 1000
Heat output W 4800 7200 9000 12000
  • External size (mm): 1360x900x1020
  • Maximum tool size (mm): 450x260x330
  • Tray size (mm): 410x220x435
  • Capacity (L): 120
  • Ultrasound performance (W): 2 x 800
  • Heat output (W): 4800
  • External size (mm): 1520x900x1020
  • Maximum tool size (mm): 600x300x430
  • Tray size (mm): 560x260x435
  • Capacity (L): 160
  • Ultrasound performance (W): 2 x 1000
  • Heat output (W): 7200
  • External size (mm): 1650x900x1165
  • Maximum tool size (mm): 600x430x575
  • Tray size (mm): 560x390x580
  • Capacity (L): 260
  • Ultrasound performance (W): 3 x 1000
  • Heat output (W): 9000
  • External size (mm): 1650x1070x1165
  • Maximum tool size (mm): 780x430x575
  • Tray size (mm): 730x390x580
  • Capacity (L): 400
  • Ultrasound performance (W): 4 x 1000
  • Heat output (W): 12000

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