Tabletop laboratory cleaner PS

You don’t have to walk a thousand miles just to clean smaller objects quickly and efficiently. The ultrasonic cleaner is space-saving and thus fits perfectly on your table.


Unheard-of cleaning and degreasing

No mechanical damage

Cavitation and solution don’t damage the objects, only the contamination on the surface.

Killing the infections and bacteria

If you use a disinfectant, you can clean even the surgical instruments in the tank.

Eco-friendly process

The cleaner uses only eco-friendly and efficient water-based agents.

Cleaning of microscopic contaminants

The agent combined with ultrasonic waves cleans small cracks and hard-to-reach areas.


Example of ultrasonic cleaning


Compact size and magnificent features

User-friendly operation

You can select the cleaning time from 1 to 60 minutes and set the desired agent temperature. When the process is complete, you can drain the agent through the valve, rinse the cleaner, and let it dry out.

High-quality cleaning

Our device has perfect cleaning effect on items smaller in size and more complicated in shape. Hard-to-reach places are cleaned so quickly, other technologies do not come even close.

Digital screen control

Our cleaner can deal with extremely-polluted instruments and laboratory equipment. If you choose the suitable cleaning agent, you can thoroughly clean even the surgical and dental instruments.

Technical parameters

Choose the model that suits you best

PS02 PS03 PS05 PS09 PS12 PS20 PS25
External size (mm) mm 184x170x227 270x170x227 335x196x318 335x286x318 364x346x316 539x349x326 540x350x376
Internal size (mm) mm 146x130x100 230x130x100 290x140x150 320x235x150 320x390x150 490x290x150 490x290x200
Tray size (mm) mm 95x95x44 162x95x44 246x102x54 246x177x54 277x252x74 445x245x68 445x245x93
Capacity (l) L 1,6/1 2,5/1,7 5,0/4,0 9/7,5 12/10,7 20/17 25/22
Ultrasound performance (W) W 40 50 100 140 160 350 350
Heat output (W) W 60 100 180 320 320 640 640
  • External size (mm) (mm): 184x170x227
  • Internal size (mm) (mm): 146x130x100
  • Tray size (mm) (mm): 95x95x44
  • Capacity (l) (L): 1,6/1
  • Ultrasound performance (W) (W): 40
  • Heat output (W) (W): 60
  • External size (mm) (mm): 270x170x227
  • Internal size (mm) (mm): 230x130x100
  • Tray size (mm) (mm): 162x95x44
  • Capacity (l) (L): 2,5/1,7
  • Ultrasound performance (W) (W): 50
  • Heat output (W) (W): 100
  • External size (mm) (mm): 335x196x318
  • Internal size (mm) (mm): 290x140x150
  • Tray size (mm) (mm): 246x102x54
  • Capacity (l) (L): 5,0/4,0
  • Ultrasound performance (W) (W): 100
  • Heat output (W) (W): 180
  • External size (mm) (mm): 335x286x318
  • Internal size (mm) (mm): 320x235x150
  • Tray size (mm) (mm): 246x177x54
  • Capacity (l) (L): 9/7,5
  • Ultrasound performance (W) (W): 140
  • Heat output (W) (W): 320
  • External size (mm) (mm): 364x346x316
  • Internal size (mm) (mm): 320x390x150
  • Tray size (mm) (mm): 277x252x74
  • Capacity (l) (L): 12/10,7
  • Ultrasound performance (W) (W): 160
  • Heat output (W) (W): 320
  • External size (mm) (mm): 539x349x326
  • Internal size (mm) (mm): 490x290x150
  • Tray size (mm) (mm): 445x245x68
  • Capacity (l) (L): 20/17
  • Ultrasound performance (W) (W): 350
  • Heat output (W) (W): 640
  • External size (mm) (mm): 540x350x376
  • Internal size (mm) (mm): 490x290x200
  • Tray size (mm) (mm): 445x245x93
  • Capacity (l) (L): 25/22
  • Ultrasound performance (W) (W): 350
  • Heat output (W) (W): 640

The ultrasonic cleaner can be of assistance mostly in following fields

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