Tabletop industrial cleaner PSi

Industrial cleaner has reinforced tank walls which increase cleaner’s life span and workload. As a result, it makes even the heavily-contaminated instruments and parts flawless again.


Make short work of complicated cleaning process

No mechanical damage

Ultrasonic cleaning doesn’t do any damage to the objects; instead, it kills only the grease and contaminants on the surface.

User-friendly operation

The tank is easy to operate from day one. Time, power, and temperature can be selected on the touchscreen.

Eco-friendly process

No aggressive chemicals; ultrasonic waves enhance the effects of water-based cleaning agents.

Cleaning on microscopic level

Thanks to the ultrasonic waves, the agent flows to the hard-to-reach areas and cleans even the recesses and small cracks.


Príklad čistenia ultrazvukom


Compact size and magnificent features

User-friendly operation

All you have to do is select the cleaning time from1 to 60 minutes, set the agent temperature, and when the process is finished, drain the agent through the valve. Afterwards, just rinse the cleaner and let it dry out.

High-quality cleaning

Our cleaner has perfect cleaning effect on objects smaller in size and more complicated in shape. Inaccessible areas are cleaned so quickly, other technologies do not come even close.

Wide range of application

Our cleaner deals with extremely-polluted surfaces resulting from service and maintenance of various devices. If you choose the suitable cleaning agent, you can thoroughly clean even the surgical and dental instruments.

Technical parameters

Choose the model that suits you best

PSi05 PSi12 PSi25 PSi40 PSi50
External size mm 340x200x310 370x350x310 546x355x370 550x430x430 720x430x430
Internal size mm 275x126x145 300x375x145 476x275x195 480x350x250 650x350x250
Tray size mm 240x100x60 277x252x74 445x245x93 418x308x142 588x308x142
Capacity L 5,0/4,0 12/9,5 25/21,5 42/37,5 56/50,0
Ultrasound performance W 100 160 400 500 600
Heat output W 180 320 640 1280 1280
  • External size (mm): 340x200x310
  • Internal size (mm): 275x126x145
  • Tray size (mm): 240x100x60
  • Capacity (L): 5,0/4,0
  • Ultrasound performance (W): 100
  • Heat output (W): 180
  • External size (mm): 370x350x310
  • Internal size (mm): 300x375x145
  • Tray size (mm): 277x252x74
  • Capacity (L): 12/9,5
  • Ultrasound performance (W): 160
  • Heat output (W): 320
  • External size (mm): 546x355x370
  • Internal size (mm): 476x275x195
  • Tray size (mm): 445x245x93
  • Capacity (L): 25/21,5
  • Ultrasound performance (W): 400
  • Heat output (W): 640
  • External size (mm): 550x430x430
  • Internal size (mm): 480x350x250
  • Tray size (mm): 418x308x142
  • Capacity (L): 42/37,5
  • Ultrasound performance (W): 500
  • Heat output (W): 1280
  • External size (mm): 720x430x430
  • Internal size (mm): 650x350x250
  • Tray size (mm): 588x308x142
  • Capacity (L): 56/50,0
  • Ultrasound performance (W): 600
  • Heat output (W): 1280

The ultrasonic cleaner can be of assistance mostly in following fields

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