We will create
a custom-made cleaner

Fill in the parameters of the ultrasonic cleaner or bath that we produce for you. Based on these, we will issue a bid that will be sent to you at your e-mail address within 48 hours.

Internal dimension (mm)
i Interior working dimensions of an ultrasound bath. Please enter the bath dimensions you desire.
Bath volume (L)
i Automatically calculated tub volume. Fluid level is 50 millimeters less than the depth of the bath.
Basket dimensions (mm)
i Dimensions of the bath basket are descriptive.
Max. component weight (g)
Quantity of cleaned items
i Number of parts cleaned per hour (e.g. 25/1 = 25 parts cleaned in an hour).
Component material
i Material composition of the cleaning component (e.g. copper, steel, stainless steel, plastic).
Component contamination type
i Type of contamination such as rust, grease, burns, etc.
Additional services
i Device for filtering cleaning fluid particles using pump and filter circuits.
i Device for removing oil impurities from the cleaning fluid surface to extend the cleaning fluid’s operating life.
i Hot-air device for drying cleaned articles.
i Additional rocking device to effectively wash away contaminants released from the article as it is cleaned.
i Rinsing bath to rinse cleaning solution and residual dirt from cleaned parts, using either bubbles of compressed air or pumped fluid.
i Electric heat to make cleaning more effective.
Full name
Phone number