We’ve been mixing waves with solvents for 24 years

Notus is one of the pioneers of ultrasonic cleaning in Slovakia. The thoroughness, as the cornerstone of our policy, does not apply only to cleaning but also to our selection of production materials and their suppliers. The design of our products follows from the long-time experience of our members. We are constantly embodying new trends in ultrasonic cleaning in our development. After two decades, we are experienced and still up to date.

Welcome to the world of ultrasound. A place where the invisible waves can move your business!

Our vision and mission

Our mission is to introduce new, efficient methods of ultrasonic cleaning through our development and innovation in ultrasonics for industrial use. The constant supply of unique solutions for cleaning, degreasing, separation, and agitation based on ultrasonic cavitation is tangible evidence thereof.

Our history

From audible sound to ultrasound

Foundation of the company Tesla in Vráble, Slovakia

focused on manufacture of radio switchboards, sound engineering, and machinery.

Production of ultrasonic cleaners and welding machines

commenced the ultrasonic era in Vráble.

Foundation of the sister company Švec a spol.

focused on machinery production.

Foundation of NOTUS

by taking over the production portfolio of Tesla’s ultrasonic cleaners.

Foundation of the sister company KOVMECH

focused on pressed parts production.

Diversification of production portfolio

into large-scale tanks for cleaning of large instruments.

Production of automated ultrasonic lines

for small and large-series cleaning of parts.

Development of ultrasonic generator NP2000

with digital control unit.

Premises renovation

particularly office and production premises.

Redesign of production portfolio

and winning the prize at the International engineering fair in Nitra.